Meter Replacement Projects


NECO offers comprehensive metering solutions, including installation and sales services, tailored to meet the needs of businesses in Kentucky and Ohio. The advent of AMR and AMI has made it possible to produce a vast amount of data for our utility customers. One of the results we have noticed is that our customers have the tendency to make limited use of this data. Customer service issues are resolved very easily, but proactive use of the information has been slower to materialize. We see a need to assist them in using the system to really make a significant impact on their utility.


UtilityDescriptionYearTotal Services
Cleves, OhioDrive by AMR, Sales and Installation20231,000
Norwood, OhioFixed Base AMI, Sales and Installation20226,000
Village of Sugar Grove, OhioFixed Base AMI, Sales and Installation2023200
City of Niles, OhioDrive by AMR, Sales and Installation2022-Current7,500
Lexington, KentuckyDrive by AMR, Sales and Installation2022-Current20,000
Greene County, OhioFixed Base AMI, Sales and Installation202122,000
Village of Millersport, OHFixed Base AMI, Sales and Installation20232,000
Austin, TexasDrive by AMR and Installation202210,000
Fort Branch, INWater Meter Installation2024900
Brownsburg, INWater Meter Installation2024
Village of MinervaDrive by AMR, Sales and Installation20241,600