About NECO

For 80 years Neptune Equipment has supplied water meters to the municipal and rural water utility industry. We have supplied and supported meter reading systems for 26 of those years. We have also supplied project management and meter installation for nearly 20 years. We were around for the launch of the AMR revolution and are the only company to have offered all aspects of a turnkey solution for utilities wishing to upgrade.

With the radical improvements in meter reading technology and its ability to help water utilities provide much higher levels of customer service, we now are in position where we can use our capabilities to customize a strategy to use all of this data to make a significant difference in your utility. We offer three main benefits:

Maximum Revenue Collection, by installing new meters when needed and using the data and our Field Service to keep these meters running at maximum performance level throughout the system life.

Operational Cost Savings. By providing real time water loss monitoring, we can spot water loss, gage its monetary impact and provide leak detection when appropriate. This is in addition to the increased efficiencies associated with meter reading and spot reads. This is possible even when the utility is not a fixed base candidate.

Routine Maintenance Cost Savings, by offering outsourced labor to handle routine tasks such as hydrant painting, meter testing and other services.

The advent of AMR and AMI has made it possible to produce a vast amount of data for our utility customers. One of the results we have noticed is that our customers have the tendency to make limited use of this data. Customer service issues are resolved very easily, but proactive use of the information has been slower to materialize. We see a need to assist them in using the system to really make a significant impact on their utility. The NECO Data Management Service solves this problem by mining the data and producing customized reports designed by your staff and delivered directly to them as needed.


NECO brings this skill set to the table:

  • System products that can make it easier to upgrade and begin receiving the benefits of AMI quickly.
  • The ability to provide the labor to move forward quickly.
  • The capability of implementing and supporting the system over its entire life.
  • The ability to isolate the data that the utility really needs and present it easily and in a format that tells them just what they need to know. This can go to anyone, regardless of their access to or ability to use the software. We can customize these alerts to present virtually anything available.
  • The ability to provide the labor needed as suggested by the data received, such as meter testing and leak detection to keep their utility at peak performance levels.


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