Large Meter Service

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Commercial and Industrial meters have a critical role to play in the effort to protect revenue. NECO and Neptune Technologies Group offer services specifically designed to maintain this important revenue source.

NECO performs field testing of meters with available test ports. Our crew will test at all flow rates as specified by the AWWA. Calibration and repair services are available as needed for Neptune meters.

Neptune Technology’s Statistical Evaluation for Enhancement of Revenue (SEER) model can be used to determine meter accuracy within a 95% confidence interval without performing an on-site meter test. This model was developed using data from more than 10,000 field tests and a linear regression analysis. NECO can combine this analysis with a site survey to evaluate possible meter re-sizing to produce an effective strategy for each of these most important water customers.

For many locations, a program of regular replacement of the measuring element for turbine and compound meters is the optimum solution to avoid inconveniencing the customer. NECO can replace the UME quickly and inexpensively with minimal interruption of water service. This program is particularly effective when combined with the advanced consumption analytics offered by our Technical Services Division or with the SEER analysis. These tools can indicate just which UME’s are in need of replacement each year.

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