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  • 1934

    Our company was founded in 1934 by William Becker, with a small office in downtown Cincinnati, selling meters for the Neptune Meter Company. The idea of selling meters through an independent company was new to Neptune Meter, so the name Neptune was given to this “distributor”. With his wife Clara in the office, Bill began selling meters to the surrounding communities.

  • 1956

    In 1956, ownership passed to Bob Becker. By then, Neptune Equipment was a full line stocking distributor, selling Neptune water and industrial flowmeters. The territory grew to include half of the states of Ohio and Kentucky.

  • 1995

    In NECO completed our first meter replacement project, a mobile home park installation. This effort began what would later grow into our Field Services Division. Since that time we have installed hundreds of thousands of small and large meters in nearly 100 utilities.

  • 1996

    In 1996, Mary Ellen Shouse and Bob Becker Jr. became the third generation owners. Since that time, the company has grown nearly tenfold, serving the entire states of Ohio and Kentucky. We moved into our present location in 2006, giving us room for additional expansion.

  • 2000

    Our company earned the designation of Neptune Technology Group Level One Distributor. This involved a large investment in personnel and equipment to support Neptune Meter Reading Systems. From this start grew our Technical Support Division, providing complete meter reading system support, implementation of  fixed base meter reading systems and software development designed for AMI data presentation.

  • 2020

    The introduction of Total System Management enables out clients to receive complete Amor AMI support. This not only includes complete responsibility for the AMI system infrastructure, but can involve end point maintenance as well, allowing the utility to focus on customer service and other system maintenance.