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NECO has performed meter replacement projects since 1995.

Since the initial meter installation project in 1995, NECO has installed hundreds of thousands of meters in the Midwest region. When combined with the Neptune meter reading systems and our Technical Service support staff, we offer a truly turnkey approach that begins with the sale of the product and continues throughout the entire life of the system. Our Meter Installation Technicians follow us from project to project, allowing us to begin your project with experienced technicians.

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A partial reference list:

UtilityDescriptionYearTotal Services
Greene County, OhioFixed Base AMI, Sales and Installation202222,000
Norwood, OhioFixed Base AMI, Sales and Installation20226,300
Austin, TexasWater Meter Replacement202245,000
Niles, OHDrive by AMR, Sales and Installation20232,500
Cleves, OhioDrive by AMR, Sales and Service20231,000
Lexington, KentuckyWater Meter Replacement20239,000
Village of Sugar Grove, OhioFixed Base AMI, Sales and Installation2023200

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